Our facilities are modern, clean and well maintained. Our interior takes you to a dream world. Our kitchen makes you a chef at home. 
The villa is an antique piece of art which gives you and experience of great relaxation with a touch of modern equipment from comfort to safety..


We provide Towel and toiletries on arrival to all guests. Our all hotel grade products of high quality standards. The pool is cleaned, chlorinated and maintained every week and by a professional to ensure your safety and comfort. Please use the pool area carefully. Guests should take maximum precautions and children should be under supervision. Please avoid using glassware near the pool and refrain from food getting into the pool and polluting the water as it is difficult to clean. This will disturb your privacy during a stay. The Rooms are Equipped with Intercom wifi and almirah to keep your valuables. In case of Emergency the standard fire fighting equipment is available.


We try our best to preserve the environment. All cleaning material used are environmentally friendly.

We use a solar system for hot water and windmill for other energy,

Wifi and Gadgets

Wi-Fi is available free for the purpose of standard web browsing. Please be mindful of usage as any over usage will reach the bandwidth limit. The Luxury is equipped with Cable TV and intercom.

Air Conditioning

Our Air Conditioning is silent and very effective. The rooms are designed to take in natural air while the air conditioning is s witched on to ensure that you have maximum comfort during your stay.

Home grown vegetables

We grow our own fruits and vegetables as much as possible and encourage you to use our bounty for your meals. We have mango, papaya, jack fruit, chikoo, tomatoes

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